IFF03 The Sorcerer

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Sutianacin was a black-magic sorcerer. Listen to his testimony as God miraculously showed His power in response to his faith. This is episode 3 of 15 of the TV series “India Face to Face.” Episode 2 Episode 4

IFF13 The Rain Village

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In this “India Face to Face” episode, we travel to a village in the rain and worship with them and dedicate a sweet little baby. This is episode 13 of 15. Episode 12 Episode 14

IFF14 Sabiya

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Meet Sabiya, a Muslim who married a former Christian who told her about Christ while he himself was abandoning Him along with his sanity. He eventually attacked Sabiya with a machette and cut her 18 places or groups of places.

IFF15 Harvest of Praise

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In this episode of “India Face to Face” we see some of the scenes of everyday life in India. And we see some of the fruit yielded through simple methods of witnessing at a bus stop. And this fruit begins

IFF01 Brainless Fellows

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The 1st episode from the TV series “India Face to Face,” Jon Wood takes you to India, live! Travel with him as he meets some “daily-wages” people and see what they eat, learn how they live day to day. Then