IFF12 The Big Hill

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Episode 11 Episode 13

IFF10 Samskallas

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Episode 9 Episode 11

IFF09 I Had a Vision

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Episode 8 Episode 10

IFF11 Cleverly Devised Fables

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Episode 10 Episode 12

IFF02 Keys to a Culture

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Episode 1 Episode 3

IFF06 The Partnership

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Episode 5 Episode 7

IFF07 The Rain (Part 1)

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Episode 6 Episode 8

IFF08 The Rain (Part 2)

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Episode 7 Episode 9

IFF05 Our Own Flesh

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We follow Boskar around on his job of picking up trash for recycling to support a family of 10 living on the banks of a river. Very powerful insight into the lives of the outcaste. Episode 4 Episode 6

IFF04 After the Wave

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We visit a beach hit by the Tsunami of 2004, just 10 days after the catastrophe. Witness the pain on the survivor’s faces. This is episode 4 of 15 of the TV series “India Face to Face.” Episode 3 Episode