FaithCamp 2011 – Jon Wood – 01A

Faith Camp 2011 Northwest
Location: Spangle, Washington.
Theme: Wherein Shall We Return? How to Escape Lukewarmness.

Message title: The Centrality Of Missions In The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Speaker: Jon Wood
Ministry: Jesus for Asia

Download Flash Video .flv file here (68MB).


  1. Shirley Krauss

    I would like to watch David Gates at the 11 o’clock service. Can’t seem to get it.

  2. takanaka

    wow, every sermon here at faith camp changes my life the 2010 ones completely flipped me up side down in my christianity, im even scared to go through the 2011 as this is my first one and im starting to get the idea that Jesus aint all about good feelings and blessings, I pray I’ll be ready for the next ones and that this time they will get my life over to God completely and i i want to work for God too and help reach unreached people goups in those areas and my local areas too.

  3. takanaka

    and I love this website very much this is one of the only official website I come too when I feel lost when i need a direct answer to what true christians are and what they are doing without having to be theological too much without any practical results, you know, at youth age you need to watch christians and learn not just listen

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